About us

Restaurant Ura is a meeting place for all lovers of delicious foods and good drinks, where you can celebrate all the beautiful moments with the excellent gastronomic offers that restaurant Ura offers.

We organize weddings, business dinners, promotions and other special moments in your lives - the Ura restaurant is here for you.


We don't philosophize much about cooking, we simply cook. The core values ​​of our restaurant are traditional cuisine in which food is prepared with love. The love for food and the friendly atmosphere that reigns in the kitchen and restaurant are also found in the core values ​​that make our restaurant special.

Always fresh ingredients go through the skilled hands of our chefs and find their way to your plates and ensure the quality you will enjoy.

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The history of the Ura Bjelovar restaurant records a 35-year tradition of preparing the most delicious specialties that have been enjoyed by many generations. Our staff with many years of experience justifies the trust of guests who are happy to return to the restaurant and enjoy the gastronomic specialties offered by Ura.

Restaurant Ura successfully adapts to modern trends and, in addition to offering traditional dishes, offers its visitors modern flavors from various world cuisines.

Gastronomic heritage

When you want to find the best of traditional and modern cuisine, the Ura restaurant is the right choice for you. The passion for food and cooking is passed down through the generations, and our dishes combine the best flavors in specialties prepared with a lot of love.

Traditional and modern dishes are prepared by chefs with many years of experience who bring a lot of love into the preparation of each meal, which results in the best flavors for your palate. Bacon fillets are one of the specialties that has always been offered by the Ura restaurant, and passionate fans of this dish can enjoy them every Wednesday.

Dessert lovers will enjoy the sweet offer of the Ura restaurant, which features traditional sweet flavors with innovative and modern ingredients in desserts that ensure a rhapsody of flavors.

Company Ured 4 You

Ured 4 You j.d.o.o. is the founder of "Restaurant and catering Ura" which apply new technologies to its work, controlling and managing all its processes, continuously informing and educating employees and consumers, constantly improving its own business system.

By meeting strict requirements and standards, the company Ured 4 you j.d.o.o. guarantees the quality and the highest degree of safety and quality of products and services with maximum care for the environment.

Strategic investment with continuous improvement is part of the business aimed at improving competitiveness while achieving the business guidelines of the Ured 4 You j.d.o.o.

EU project Food 4 You

Through the implementation of this project, Ured 4 You j.d.o.o. strengthened its capacities by acquiring professional and business knowledge, transferring business operations according to social entrepreneurial principles, by opening "Restaurant and catering Ura" and through the implementation of project activities increased awareness of social entrepreneurship in the public.

The total value of the EU project "Food 4 You" is 1,125,841.91 kn. It is co-financed 85% by grants from the European Social Fund and 15% from the state budget. The project is implemented over a 30 month period. The implementation of project activities takes place in Bjelovar-Bilogora County in the city of Bjelovar and its surroundings.

Socially entrepreneurial business concept

Mission and goals of Ured 4 You j.d.o.o. are related to the well-being of the community, society and the environment. At least 75% of the profit / surplus income from performing economic activities. Ured 4 You j.d.o.o. invests in achieving its mission, goals or financial sustainability.

Ured 4 You j.d.o.o. monitors and evaluates its social, economic, environmental and other impacts.

Ured 4 You uses ingredients nad produce from local producers in its business, thus directly contributing to the sustainable development of the community.

Office 4 You donates 10% of meals to the most vulnerable groups in the community through the business of the working unit "Restaurant and Catering Ura".

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Restoran Ura

  • Ured 4 You  j.d.o.o
  • Vladimira Nazora 22, 43000 Bjelovar
  • OIB: 55126400086
  • e-mail: ura@restoranura.hr
  • Working hours: Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 15:00 / Closed on Sundays

Weekly menu


5,00 € (37,67 kn)
NOTE: With all daily meals, soup and bread are served, which are included in the price of the daily meal. The daily meal contains at least 150 g of meat, side dish, salad and soup